Gods love in the Bible

 Romans 8:38-39
No power on earth or heaven can separate us from God’s love. Not our sin, not any authority, not any spiritual force. God’s love is unshakable and can always be relied upon.  This type of love in unconditional and can be received by faith is Our Lord Jesus Christ. This Love is not of this world but comes from God, The earliest disciples who knew His Love, were willing to die for their faith. His Love touched them so deeply that they left  their past lives behind, to follow Him.

Once your life has been touch by His love, your life is marked by an all encompassing love for Him and others. We can not give away what we have not received. You can learn about Him in your mind but only your heart can experience this amazing love. If you will embrace Gods Word and do what it says it will transform your human love for His Love that is out of this world.

About bvpastord

I received Jesus Christ into my life in 1982. I have a real passion for equipping, trainning and mentoring Leaders. I have pastored the same church for twenty years and have traveled the world encouraging leaders for Christ. I founded Leaders for Christ ministries and Bay Valley Christian Church. View all posts by bvpastord

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