The King has one more Move ! Part one

Title: “The King has one more move” Text: Mark 4:35-41 Subject: Faith in God Proposition: When you come to the very end and you think it is all over the King has one more move. Objective: Inspire Gods people to trust and believe when they come to the end of themselves the King has one more move. Introduction: This story takes place on the Sea of Galilee, which is known for its sudden storms. On the Sea of Galilee, it may be said that storms will come suddenly, and unexpectedly, which also illustrates for the believer that he can expect storms to erupt suddenly as well. A man came to the end of a chess Game and said check mate he thought he had won but the king had one more move, That is the life of a Christian when we think we have lost and think things are over the King has one more move. It has been said that there are storms that come affecting your families, your flesh, and your finances. Paul was ship-wrecked, then bitten by a snake, but the king had one more move. Then He prayed for others and they were healed. Peter cut off the ear of a servant of the High Priest and the King had one more move. He healed his ear. A little boy gave Jesus five loaves and two fish but the King had one more move. A man had a legion of demons and the King had one more move.

Lazareth had a bad day and died but the King had one more move. Jesus went to the cross and died but he had one more move 1. The Force of the storm, 2. The Fears because of the storm, 3. The Faith during the storm. I. THE FORCE OF THE STORM (Vv. 35-37) A. There are many forces to be reckoned with when the storms come. The lightning, the winds blowing, and the flooding waters are all forces that come with the storm.

Spiritually, there are forces as well. May we look at them and the ways that these forces affect us? C. #1 The Force of the Storm May Discourage You- When the winds of adversity begin to blow, discouragement can certainly come. I have often found myself discouraged when in the midst of the storm. The disciples were certainly discouraged in thinking that Jesus was asleep, and did not at all care about the storms. Likewise, as you are going through your storms, the devil will whisper that the Lord is nowhere around. Remember that the devil is a liar.

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