David S. Ferranti has been a Christian since 1982. He has a passion for Jesus Christ and His Church, He travels extensively and loves to equip and train  leaders. He has spent a life time encouraging believers and leading others into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He serves as lead Pastor and founder along with His wife Cheryl at Bay Valley Christian Church, ( http://www.bayvalleycc.org  He founded Leaders for Christ trainning center.leadersforchristcalifornia.org He also serves as a lead team member of RLCI a network of churches strengthing and planting churches. http://www.rlci.orgimage

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  • Sarah Richard

    Pastor – you and I spoke yesterday before service about blessing our home. I cannot locate your email on this site, but may be missing it. Could you email me at richards@bcschools.net so we could set up a time for you to visit?
    Thank you,
    Sarah Richard

  • nancy spencer

    my family and i may come and check out your church. is there a dress code?

  • nancy spencer

    does this church have transportatoin for those that dont drive? some times i dont have a ride .

  • Tarra Nolan

    Dear Pastor,
    I am writing with the hope that you will allow me the privilege of speaking to your ministry groups. I recently began my service as an AmeriCorps member through Mentor Michigan College Coaching Corps. I am speaking with different community groups in the area to help create awareness of our program, and possibly spark an interest in future mentoring for the youth I work with. I feel the need to connect with our community is crucial to our success, and work with many young people that site religion as important aspects of their lives.

    If I could drop in at a time any of your groups are meeting I will only take a few minutes of your time, and would greatly appreciate the opportunity. Let me know when there is a time that will work for us. Thank you for your consideration.

    Best, Tarra Nolan

  • Patti Sanders

    HI Pastor Dave, I have a testimony about being a faithful tither i want to share but i want to make sure you are receiving this email…thank you

  • larry farrell

    Pastor Dave,
    Tks for your visit to cornerstone church. I loved the message you spoke. May god continue to trust in you to do great things. I think the time has come for me to not just talk the talk but walk the walk with god.
    Be well.

    Larry farrell

  • bvpastord

    How did you here about my blog?

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